Values describe the way we live our beliefs in real life.

We seek to wholeheartedly embrace the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. It's not enough to just affirm Jesus' words - He calls us to live them. The following values represent our culture.

Love God

  • We encounter God through daily Devotion.
  • We are committed to the truth of God's Word.
  • We live and walk by the Spirit.
  • We choose Obedience, even when it hurts.
  • We walk in Holiness.
  • We consider Family our first priority.
  • We persevere in prayer.
  • We honor God with our Finances by working diligently, living simply, giving generously.

Love One Another

  • We Honor others, in person and behind their backs.
  • We choose Humility by focusing on "Him and them" above ourselves.
  • We are committed to a Relational Culture.
  • We embrace brokenness.
  • We live Authentic lives.
  • We always Forgive.
  • We keep a Teachable Heart.

Love Those Who Don't Know Jesus

  • We commit to Discipleship through intentional investment in other's lives as our main ministry.
  • We pursue Evangelism, from our immediate sphere of influence to the unreached and unengaged.
  • We are committed to the Local Church.
  • We care for the Poor.
  • We embrace Diversity.
  • We bless the larger Body of Christ.