Testimonies: God’s Faithfulness at Antioch During COVID-19

Curious about how God has been working in Antioch people during COVID-19? Here are just a few examples of testimonies to encourage you in your walk with Jesus.

Todd Roberts, Lead Pastor Antioch Sheffield United Kingdom

A girl in our church has a friend who calls herself a Satanist…she has the Satanic bible and everything. Here is a prayer request we got from the girl in our church during our Easter Sunday service:

Please pray for my close friend Katie. I have sent her the link to the service. She actively calls herself a child of Satan and is more interested in him than in Jesus. However God has been on her case recently. Someone at work told her God loves her and she was excited to tell me the story. I’m hoping she does listen to today’s message and chooses Jesus!

Then after the service:
My friend Katie said she listened to the service and she said she was surprised that she enjoyed it! I’ve invited her to come to church again when this is all over. This is the girl who was making fun of me only months ago when I invited to come to church! YAY JESUS…God is GOOD!

Jewaun Glenn, Lead Pastor Antioch Detroit

Our LifeGroups are thriving and new people have been checking them out each week. One girl on our leadership team has been reaching out to her co-worker since working there and now with the COVID-19 crisis, spiritual conversations have started to take place.

The friend has joined her for Lifegroup and recently shared that she has experienced a lot of hurt from the Church but has enjoyed meeting with us. She is hungry and they plan to start meeting to read the Bible together and see what it says about following Jesus.

Mark Speeter, Lead Pastor Antioch Fullerton 

Recently, we led a guy to receive Jesus and he is being transformed. He was praying for his family, and invited them to join as he watched church online. His whole immediate family watched. I guess most of them were in tears throughout the service, and at least one (his brother who is a super hard dude) prayed to receive Jesus, and some of the others might of as well.

Another one of our college students invited a friend who doesn’t know Jesus. She got saved and wants to get connected.

Last night I helped gather prayer coordinators from all the churches across the City of Fullerton. It was extremely powerful to hear from people who had contended for revival in our city for decades. When we began our time of prayer, the Holy Spirit showed up powerfully – people began to weep, prophetic words were coming forth over our city, and I was literally shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit. The tangible sense of God’s presence was one of the most powerful I’ve ever felt, and people were exclaiming, “I’ve been praying for this moment for over 20 years. It’s just the beginning of God answering prayers.”

We have repurposed a website to share projects and opportunities across the city so churches in the City of Fullerton can own projects together. Here are just a few things churches have accomplished together:

Built over 25,000 face shields
Banded together to systematically encourage medical professionals
Caring for families in need
Block champions

John Curiale, Lead Pastor Antioch Orlando 

Daniella H.
Last Friday, during virtual evangelism, I felt like the Lord told me to call random people on my phone list. I came across the name “Heba” but I did not recall meeting her. I called her and shared that I don’t know who she is but she’s on my phone list and that I wanted to share a message of hope with her. She was very open and receptive. I shared the Gospel and I gave her a word. She cried saying that she has been very far from Jesus and needs a restart.

She then asked me if she could see a picture of me and see if she recognized me from anywhere. We found each other on Facebook (I still didn’t recognize her) and she immediately remembered me. She recalled us being in line waiting to take a test for school, about three years ago. During this I started talking to her about how much Jesus loves her. I invited her to church and took her number. She said she never could come because she lived far away.

Now, three years later, it’s crazy how the Lord is still pursuing her. I invited her to church again. She ended up joining us on Sunday and really enjoyed it! She’s been texting me and letting me know how she would like to join Lifegroup this week as well!

Nicole F.
I called a family member and prayed for her following a miscarriage. She gave her life to Jesus after I shared the gospel with her.

Lauren B
God laid a girl on my heart that I hadn’t spoken to in two years. I called and told her the Lord asked me to reach out and asked how I could pray for her. She started crying because she had been asking the Lord to speak to her. She felt so loved by God and saw Him answer her prayers. Since then we’ve been talking each Friday to have discipleship over the phone and she is going deeper with Jesus.

As we were all signing in to Zoom for virtual evangelism one Friday evening, God told me He wanted me to call an old coworker that I haven’t spoken to in three years. As we met for evangelism, God put it on our hearts to pray and believe for virtual healings! After we dispersed, I simply obeyed Jesus and called my former coworker right away. She answered after the first ring!

She immediately opened up about what she’s been going through the past three years. Most of what she shared was centered around various health issues. As our convo came to an end, I told her Jesus told me to call her and is pursuing her. I asked if I may pray for her for anything. She replied with an emphatic, “Yes!” sharing that her knee has been throbbing for days. I prayed a simple prayer and asked her how her knee felt afterwards. She said she no longer had any pain. She was shocked! God is our HEALER; in person or virtually, it’s proof that it is from Him alone.