Testimony: Harvest Coming to Vancouver, BC

Lean in from the beginning. That’s what I felt God speaking to me on my first day of a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC. I knew if I didn’t share the gospel in the first hour, I probably wouldn’t.

I drove to the University of British Columbia and God led me downstairs in the Student Union. The whole time, I prayed that I would talk to the right person and God highlighted an Indonesian guy in a white T-shirt across the room. The conversation was awkward, and he was standoffish at first.

When I asked him how I could pray for him, he relaxed a bit and told me about his life. He had been raised in a Christian home in Jakarta but had rejected his family’s faith. During the previous week, he had been asking how he could be forgiven, but he didn’t know what to do next.

We talked and I shared the gospel with him. I told him he could pray now or alone later if he wanted to accept Jesus and be forgiven. He was anxious to pray right then, and so I led him to the Lord. We met again the next day for a discipleship study about the power of the Word of God. He was so excited about the ways God was already transforming his life.

I have known for a long time that God wants me to plant an Antioch church in Vancouver BC and trips like this have helped confirm that call in my life. What I didn’t anticipate was that God would use this young Indonesian man to plant one of the first seeds of that church.

Before I returned home to Texas, the young man handed me an envelope and said it was a gift for the ministry God wanted to start in Canada. At first, I told him I couldn’t accept it, but then Holy Spirit whispered that I should take it.

What an amazing weekend that was. Within the first hour, someone came to Jesus. By the end of the weekend, we had our first financial investment in a new church. God is so faithful!

– Brandon Seibert