Testimony: Antioch People Blessing People

A key Antioch value is personal discipleship as Christians learn to follow Jesus and serve others in their communities. Here are three personal testimonies from Antioch churches that demonstrate the Antioch value of discipleship.

Orlando, Florida

This past Sunday we hosted a ministry panel sharing the life of the church that happens outside of our two hour time slot on Sundays. People were able to see how they can get involved in these areas: prayer, prophetic, pastoral, worship, kids, youth, Sunday service, and administration. Since the panel, people have been reaching out and have been interested in getting more involved so that we can see the life of the church expand. Nine people showed up to an early morning Fellowship of Christian Athletes gathering at our local high school to connect with the students. We’re so encouraged about what God is doing here in Orlando and in the nations of the earth!

– Jessica Franke

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I was serving on the home team and greeting people at the front doors of the church. I spotted a girl walking in by herself whom I had never met before, and introduced myself. I could tell she was new, and asked her a few questions and discovered it was her first time visiting and she had read about Antioch online. She walked into the auditorium as worship began. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to offer her to sit with me. I walked into the dark auditorium, not sure how I would find her, but sure enough, she was close by on the end of a row. I invited her to come sit with me, and she was immediately excited and agreed.

After the service, she got connected and came to visit our Sunday night Young Adult lifegroup. She fell in love with our group and has been involved in Antioch since. When I gave her vision for discipleship and asked if she wanted that, she was completely in. She wanted consistency in discipleship, and for it to be a time of stretching and vulnerability, and wanted to walk away knowing God more. I had never had someone grab hold of the vision for discipleship so quickly with so much excitement!

When we were meeting one day, I asked her what made her want to keep coming to Antioch. Kylee told me she had visited three or four churches since moving to Baton Rouge. “The one thing that really changed it all for me,” Kylee said, “was how Antioch felt like a family.” She began to explain how that day I invited her to come sit next to me in service, she felt noticed, and seen, and loved by God and his children, and that made her want to be a part of a church that really lives in a family community. She said, “this church and these new friends of mine are an answered prayer.” We as a church have an opportunity to make people feel seen and loved by God as soon as the walk through the doors. What a gift that is to be a part of!

– Brooke Bose

San Antonio, Texas

God told us he was baking a cake in the oven of CrossBridge with which he was going to feed the city. We prayed and felt like the first “cake” we were to serve was reproducible disciple making. We hosted a senior pastor round table discussion on God movements in the world. We had 42 pastors show up and 16 that went the second step of actually experiencing our discipleship approach (We refer to is as C.A.L.L.E.D). Out of those 16 pastors, 15 have committed to walking in discipleship with one of our staff for four months and then starting a disciple making movement in their own church.

– Kirk Freeman