Antioch Service Flow

When Jesus preached to the masses he did it with compassion and love, performing great miracles on their behalf to heal, feed and restore them. Remember the feeding of the 5000. Jesus saw the crowds as “sheep without a shepherd,” and opened his arms wide to bless all who would receive. We use our services to do the same. Everyone is invited, and we aim to bless with compassion and love all who attend.
We know that services are also a regular time for you to gather and equip the core members of your church. There may be elements of your service or messages meant specifically for them. When you read our mission statement below, you’ll notice that our services are directed at both the guest and the believer, because we want both to be equally loved and moved toward a passion for Jesus when they attend. We think you can hold both purposes in balance, and this guide will help you determine how you can do so best.

Best Practices – Services