Antioch Discipleship Schools

The first Antioch training school was founded by Jimmy and Laura Seibert as “Master’s Commission” at Highland Baptist Church in September of 1987. Master’s Commission started as a 9-month school followed by a 3-month overseas outreach. It soon became the Antioch Training School (ATS), which later became Elevate and what most Antioch churches now call the Antioch Discipleship School (ADS). Thousands of students have completed the school and are now involved in a variety of vocations around the world.
Radical passion, surrender and obedience to God has always allowed the Kingdom of God to move powerfully in and among the discipleship schools. It was true at the beginning, and still true today. While many things have changed in the 30-year history of our training schools, there are specific characteristics which make ADS unique. This Best Practice guide aims at giving you an overview of what those characteristics are and how your training school can reflect this unique culture and vision. It also gives some frameworks to help you as you think through planning, leading and developing your school. The ideas communicated here should catalyze passionate, creative, Jesus-centered schools. ADS schools around the nation should express both unique characteristics and a unified, movement-wide vision, and we will strive to share that here. Thank you for joining us in the journey!
In Him,
The Antioch U.S. Network Office and Antioch Discipleship School Steering Committee

Best Practices – Discipleship Schools